Papoose And Remy Ma Take Aim At Clout Chasers!

You a "CC!" Remy Ma and Papoose have a message for all the frauds.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remy Ma is presently embroiled in a situation where she's accused of punching somebody in the face. However, the rapper says she has an air-tight alibi. Sounds like she's accusing somebody of clout chasing, the concept behind her husband Papoose's new song. "CC" has Remy and Pap trading bars over a perky flute-laced track. But the subject matter is not light-hearted at all. "They run for the clout like "PWEN!"/ Everybody real til a real one walk in the room," Pap says. Check it out.

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Pap & Remy are the real Hip-Hop power couple...

I know some of y'all will say Jay & Bey, but she ain't hip-hop; some will say Cardi & Offset, and I say GTFOH...