Peeway Longway Deliver's Lots Of Ass And Cash In Video "Bout It, Bout It"

"Master" Peewee Longway share's his latest video "Bout It, Bout It"

Pioneering a mutated brand of drug-fueled trap, ATL's Peewee Longway has a bottomless array of flows. Delivering deeply NSFW rhymes over soulful piano, Master Peewee shares "Bout It, Bout It," his latest video.

Retreating to a massive mansion with scantily-clad models, Peewee experiences a NSFW fantasy in the new video, as the models compete for his attention. "Bout It, Bout It" is the latest video from Peewee's State of the Art album, following "On Dat Freestyle" (3.9 million views), which finds Peewee rocking a luchador mask.