Philly Spitter Armani White Drops "Onederful" Track

When people think of Philly, Meek and Beanie tend to come to mind, but Armani White is working his way up.

By Micah Drago

(AllHipHop Music) Some people would say that hip-hop has been stale for the last few years—that rappers are simply imitating trends for sales and streams. But Armani White is none of these things. The Philly spitter has a style all his own, and it shines brightly on each and every track he touches.

Armani White’s newest song, “Onederful,” is not only a display of his lyrical talent but also his ability to put his unique stamp on a track. With a combination of jazzy production, smooth flows and sharp lyricism, Armani finds a way to deliver a range of styles while bringing them all together to create a cohesive track.

“Onederful” is a fun track from start to finish. It’s the lead up single to his debut album and was created through a gradual, unorthodox process. “We had lost access to the studio so we snuck in late nights to record the choir and drums and just kept building until they’d kick us out,” says Armani White. Given the circumstances, it’s no wonder Armani White himself describes “Onderful” as “a glimpse into [his] ability to overcome creative adversity and produce honest music.”

Not only is Mr. White blessing us with a brand-new track, but he’s also dropping a visual to go along with it. This is particularly interesting given the fact that one of Armani White’s biggest tracks, “Public School,” was released without a video.

Arguably the best aspect of this song is the vibe. Summer is long gone and the cold winter weather is approaching. Songs which were once fast-paced and exciting are beginning to slow down a bit. However, Armani White isn’t slowing down at all with “Onederful,” so you don’t have to either. If you’re looking for something upbeat, inspiring and completely different, “Onederful” is the perfect end-of-the-year motivational track to underscore your grind.

Image Via: Armani White