Phora - 'Bury Me With Dead Roses'

Phora split from Warner Records and now he has Roc Nation management backing him for his debut indie effort!

Recently, Phora (@PHORAONE) shutdown his Yours Truly store on Fairfax Avenue in LA to celebrate the release of his debut indie effort. Ever since splitting from Warner Records the young emcee/crooner has been steady at work putting together his 16-track effort that includes standout singles "Forgive Me," "On My Way,". He also has a Nipsey Hussle tribute "The Dream" which includes a complementary video.

"Bury Me With Dead Roses' is an album about the beauty and pain of life, an album that I depict as the death of the old me and a transformation into a new me. The first half of the album is about motivation, love, life, and happiness while the second half is about pain, hurt, struggle, and loss. I feel like I'm always trapped between being happy or depressed, there's never any middle ground - so I choose to embrace that for this album. An album of my deepest fears and my highest people. I learned that you will lose your soul trying to satisfy someone else and you will lose your heart trying to meet their expectations. This album isn't for me, this album is for everyone. We all have demons, we all want to feel something, but change inspires change when we least expect it," Phora said.