Pineapple CITI - Issues

Newark NJ native Pineapple CITI is giving her competition "Issues".

With a rep for top notch bars under its belt and a hub for legendary creatives with lengthy careers, New Jersey serves any MC following in its footsteps with big shoes to fill. Thankfully, with her new video “Issues”, the Newark phenomenon known as Pineapple CITI is proving to be up for the task. Bouncing effortlessly between modern flows to make the trap bounce and the kind of classic cleverness that the lyric-lovers get hype over, CITI gives both sides the full package. With the world renowned Clinton Spark co-signing as well, it looks like her competition will be dealing with “Issues” for quite some time.

Twitter - @PineappleCITI

Instagram - @TheyLoveCiti

YouTube - Pineapple CITI