Pounds - "Francis Ford"

Rochester, N.Y.’s own Pounds provides a stirring, personal look into his hometown in his fittingly cinematic new video.

Rochester, N.Y.’s own Pounds drops a VHS-produced track from the rapper’s great October release, Rules and Parameters, that further demonstrated his knack for delivering lyrically vivid mafioso rap.

After all, this particular sub-genre is at its finest when emcees can bring such harsh, difficult stories to life with their words. And to say Pounds does that on “Francis Ford” would be an understatement.

The New York rapper is conflicted not just on the track, but in the video as well. Otto captures this with scenes of Pounds contemplating his life as a hustler and as a father, two hats he wears proudly but, again, with severe conflict. It’s for those reasons that when he spits bars like, “The city’s on fire so I gotta vent/ Make it past twenty’s an accomplishment,” you can feel that mental struggle.

Check out the visuals, and support Rules and Parameters which is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming services.