PREMIERE: Murda Mook Speaks To Nicki Minaj Via "Only Freestyle"

PREMIERE: Mook Releases "Only Freestyle" & Speaks On Relationship With Nicki Minaj

Just when you thought Harlem battle God, Murda Mook, had his sights solely set on Drake, it seems another Young Money member has wandered into the crosshairs. In an exclusive interview, the Dot Mob general took time out to talk to @MrMecc to explain the reason behind the rhymes on his new freestyle over Nicki Minaj’s“Only” song featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

For some background; Mook and Nicki have history. They used to chill together back in the day when Mook had garnered considerable respect as a battle rapper, and Nicki was just getting her rap career off the ground. Nicki made a song called "Dreams" where she talks about her "Dreams of F*cking A Rap N*gga." One of which was Mook. So when "Only" came out, Mook felt he had to express how he felt about Nicki. Mook's freestyle is funny, sexy and genius. Was Mook too much? Did he cross the line? Should Nicki respond? You be the judge and watch our Exclusive Interview with Mook as he explains his reasons for doing the song.

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