Prodigy And Big Twins Detail "The Rotten Apple" (NYC) On A Dope Sample Beat


Plenty of New York rappers have offered a lyrical tour of their city, but few have done it so potently as Big Twins and Prodigy on “The Rotten Apple.” As the title implies, it isn’t some glitzy, high-brow view of this particular concrete jungle. But there’s a certain pride to overcoming the seedy, grotesque elements of a place that “forces the best out of you or forces you to fold up.”

The track serves as the second single off Big Twins’ joint album with L.A. producer Twiz The Beat Pro, who provides a fittingly filthy instrumental for his rapping counterparts. Check out this Prodigy line below where he compares himself to Freddy Krueger, CLASSIC!

“P. Krueger/ who’ll stalk you in your sleep like Freddy/ Plus I see you in real life, your legs turn spaghetti.” - Prodigy