Pusha T Continues His Victory Lap With New Visuals

Pusha T's continues his victory lap with a new music video.

(AllHipHop Music) Pusha T had a beef for a quick moment in time this year. That time has now passed. Yes, we all wanted to see blood spill on the stage, but there will be no blood whatsoever. Drake will live and apparently love again. And so will Push. The Virginia native is now moving forward to his destiny of continued greatness. This trek starts in the form of "If You Know, You Know," he new video for his DAYTONA album. In the visuals, Push is riding clean in his Ferrari, but the joy is short lived. The police draw guns on the Coke rapper even though he's clearly unarmed. The imagery is chilling. It is even shot in portrait mode as if it were taped by an onlooker. Push has managed to drop a classic album, wrap up the battle of the year and continue to promote the art.