Q6-"KaTegory 6 The Real Q6" Feat. DJ Rell

Marquis Daniels may be best known for his prowess on the court as a professional NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks. But once he puts down the rock, he picks up the mic and spits truths about his life and times as “Q6.” While on the stage or in the studio, Q6 delivers southern-bred rhymes on life outside the paint - the way he truly experiences it.

Having rapped since high school, Q6 quickly developed a love for the rap game just as strong as his affinity for the court. A native of Orlando, Florida, Q6 credits his upbringing in the south for his musical influences. Inspired by the dirty south grittiness of artists like Trick Daddy, Hot Boys, Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, and BG, along with the stylistic sonic aesthetic of southern players like Outkast, and UGK. He always knew he would find a balance between sports and music and make his living through both.

After completing his stint at Auburn University in only 3.5 years, he joined the league with the Dallas Mavericks. As he got his first dream off the ground, Q6 never forgot about his other passion and maintained a plan to make it a priority once he was more established. Working nonstop on his music while concurrently heating up the hardwood, he puts no time to waste penning rhymes after games and in his down times between flights, recording tracks in the summer off season and on his free days.

Q6 focuses his own rhymes on the truth of his everyday life and the experiences he’s been through. He has already collaborated with southern rap legends like Boosie, Gucci, Trina, and Gangsta Boo to name a few. He most recently got the Maybach Music stamp of approval, with backing from Rick Ross’ MMG Black Bottle Athletes for his latest mixtape release, “Kategory 6.” Check out his KaTegory 6 Mixtape below!

The Real Q6 - Kategory 6