Rapper N.O. (Nlightened. One.) Delivers Video For "Introduce Myself"

Wilmington, Delaware rapper N.O. (Nlightened. One.) is the latest artist to come forward, to represent the First State.

With a raw and gritty East Coast sound that's garnering attention from the shores of Delaware to streets of Philly, N.O. (Nlightened. One.) has an undeniable sound that makes his origins that much more enigmatic. 

Part of his rise to notoriety in the Tri-State area came with his appearance on DJ Cosmik Kev's Power 99 FM "The Come Up Show" and via J-Squad's debut mixtape "Welcome 2 Hellaware" hosted by the Aphiliates.

"The Delaware Hip-Hop scene has a lot of hard workers, and people are starting to gravitate to certain artists. I think we do lack some unity and genuine support, just as far as artists working together and networking, but I mostly just stay in my own lane and started to get my buzz up in Philly," N.O. explained. 

Kicking things off on the blogs to build awareness outside of his home state and the Tri-State area, N.O. is releasing his new single featuring the production of Tone the Beat Bully, brother of Roc Nation Producer Jahlil Beats. 

"Jahlil is a real humble dude and he's always had some heat back in the day. We went to his old house in Chester and he was giving us a lot of jewels and knowledge about how the game goes. He taught us a lot about the game and how to get your self on," he said.

In addition to the aforementioned Jahlil Beats and Tone the Beat Bully, the project also features producers and rapper Sap, Marchitect, PC Beats, MD Kye and Prince Ali.

There are also features on the  project from J-Squad's Dré and GK, as well as other names including Pittsburgh's Owey, Renee Scott, Sap and BL.

"Not a lot of people have a project with top tier producers and legendary features and quality recording so I kind of want to shine light on the fact that I do feel I have that kind of project," N.O. said speaking on the caliber of his recent body of work.  I never slow down on music, still writing and visuals are coming and I"m doing some more shows and get  back into that."