Rapper Shawn Don Over Comes Odds To Release New Video "Love Misses"

Exposure to Carbon Monoxide almost cost this rapper his life but he pushed through and drops off some new music.

Shawn Don had it all; money, good looks, popularity, fast cars, fast girls! His charisma drew male and female admirers alike with the latter earning him the nickname “Shawn Don aka DonBilly.”

Shawn Don’s persona grew larger than life when he took his slick wordplay and real-life adventures into the booth to try his hand at the rap game. No one could deny that “The Don” was ‘bout that life!

From hot cars to luxurious trips to retreats, he shared his lifestyle with his friends so it was well-documented. And by no means was he a wealthy man but Shawn was a hardworking man who believed in affording himself the finer things in life.

The man was a bona fide jet-setter and a go-getter!

To say his life suddenly changed would not only be cliché, but it would also be inaccurate. But a fateful and rare occurrence would gradually change his life forever as exposure to carbon monoxide was slowly causing him neurological damage that would eventually rob him of his ability to walk.

Ten years ago, Shawn DonBilly worked as an armed security guard and spent the majority of his shift in his car canvassing the parking lot.

Sometime in the first year, he began to notice he was suffering from fatigue and headaches but the cause could not be identified. By the second year, it was a visit to Meineke, not the doctor that revealed the horrible truth. His muffler pipes were almost completely clogged due to a botched job by an irreputible muffler shop two years earlier.

The mechanic assured him that this meant Carbon Monoxide had been seeping into the vehicle’s cabin. Upon testing, doctors learned that he had extreme amounts of CO in his bloodstream!

Though he paid for scores of treatments which insurance did not cover, his condition progressed until one day the muscle weakness was so severe he realized quite suddenly...he could not get up from his desk at work. That was the last day he walked.

Admittedly, he became depressed and went to a dark place for a time but through soul searching and determination he fought his way back. It is remarkable that how sharp his wordplay and spit game have remained in spite of sustaining a brain injury. Shawn is a rare case to have survived two years of CO exposure and he draws from this divine blessing, spirituality.

Today, Shawn Don, in full swag, is alive and well! That is evident in his music, mentality and his visuals. But his perseverance is evident in his regimen and his goals. He works out 4 times a week and is planning to try a stem cell procedure.

Although he has adjusted to being wheelchair-bound for the last decade, he still holds out hope. Shawn wants to tell his story to inspire others through music, performance and motivational speaking and ultimately, beat the odds and walk again!

Shawn Don refuses to be KO'd by CO.

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