Rapper Tenxx Drops Dark Epic Visual For "Poltergeist" In Preparation Of Debut LP

Tenxx is out to prove he's a master with his new video and album.

Artist Tenxx (pronounced Ten Thousand), who's name is a tribute dedicated to the principle that if you put in 10,000 hours of time into a craft, one becomes a master of that craft.

Tenxx is a hip-hop artist born in Witchita, Kansas and currently residing in Delaware.

Tenxx hasn’t released an album in the past two years to strictly focus on recording new music and rebranding, this year Tenxx finalized his new album, Heathenz Anonymous, which is set for release this week.

Imagine this 21-song album as a therapeutic AA meeting but on wax.

Heathenz Anonymous is not only highlighting Ten’s songwriting/lyrical versatility but also giving listeners that same feeling some may get sitting in that circle of peers sharing trials and tribulations.

Tenxx is unapologetically unique and he is here to leave his print on music.

He currently has an EP out now on SoundCloud “Technical Difficulties” as well as a couple singles “Atlanta today,” “Woke Up On Flamez” and a new visual for one of his album singles “Poltergeist” directed by acclaimed videographer JetPhynx.

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