Remy Ma and Lil Kim Snap Ridiculously On "Wake Me Up"

Lil Kim is the queen and she's giving Remy Ma the Excalibur sword to chop off a few heads.

(AllHipHop Music) Facts: Nobody's out here spitting harder than Remy Ma. Facts #2: Lil Kim is one of the most influential rappers (misspelled people, my bad) ever. Their looming collaboration has hit with the impact of a comet striking the Pacific and it will satisfy Hip-Hop heads on all levels. First of all, Remy Ma doesn’t say any names (Nicki Minaj) but she may as well be holding an AK-47 for all the shots she takes. Secondly, she immediately evokes Lil Kim’s “Queen B-tch,” a classic song that dropped over 20 years ago in 1996. Thirdly, Kim stays in the pocket on the hook like a deity about to strike lighting down on disobedient children. “When the morning comes, you b-tches ain’t humble enough / Then the morning comes, these fake ass b-tches is done…so wake me up early.” Lyrically, Remy pulls no punches, strikes fast and furiously while paying homage to the Queen Kim. Simply put, Remy snaps. Appreciate it for what it is: hard beats and bars. There’s plenty of vitriol and somehow manages to be all love at the same time.

“If that's your dog, I suggest you go train that bitch!"

The original:

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That was fyer. Im old school. And loved it with the. Twist. Will be buying and supporting Remy