Riz (blog): A Quick Convo With Drake

What’s going on world, this past week has been a week full

of deep thought and reflection. Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and

bustle of everyday life, and at times we forget the things that have true

value, like life itself and family. In saying this I had to take time to think

of my direction in this music industry after having a conversation with Zach

Katz a mentor of mines. I came to the conclusion that in order for me to be

passionate about making music I have to do and say the things that represent

who I am as an individual, not only as a artist or entertainer. I'm entering a

new phase of individuality that I'm sure people will be able to appreciate. It

doesn't even feel real that I'm blogging on AllHipHop.com LOL i was just

reading other artist blogs, but I guess what they say is true everybody gets

their time and right now Im getting mines, nothing happens overnight it takes

discipline and dedication and i've been both for a very longtime. Everyday is a

period of growth for me i'm always willing to listen and learn from people who

have a broader insight because they've done and seen way more than I could ever

imagine. being humble is the only way to be which is why I have to take my hat

off to the Homie DRAKE, Over a plate of filet mignon and asparagus at STK

restaurant in NYC I asked him did he ever think things would be the way they

are for him? and humbly he responded he knew where it could go but he didn’t

see it coming the way it did. In saying that there isnt nothing wrong with

thinking BIG and trying to achieve your goals even when the odds seem to be

against you.

Until next week....late!

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