Riz (blog): Secrets REVEALED!

What's going on world this past week has felt extremely long almost slow motion like but i've learned from reading "The Secret" that no delay is negative and that delays should always be used positively so thats what i've been doing all week. Using my downtime to do some creative writing. While sitting in my apartment equipped with my MacBooKPro and Dr. Dre beat headphones I began to zone out to some tracks produced by Austin Rosen (Allure Music Group) who in my eyes is one of the most talented producers on the verge of having a lot of mainstream success so be on the look out. LOL u have to see me in engineer mode dropping vocals on garageband i think its the funniest thing but its very affective and it allows me to capture the flow of verse at the moment, if your an artist then you know how important it is to remember how you delivered a verse so to me it feels better to have the delivery recorded so when its time to hit the studio i'm well prepared. Thank me later for that tip LOL just kidding. but it is a good way to master your craft practice makes perfect in saying that i had a twelve hour session with Austin over at his recording studio on sunday and it was extremely productive nothing drags more than a long studio session thats non productive. One of the most important things i've learned this entire week while sitting in left field at the Yankees game was that in order to have significant value in any job field you must always show professionalism. Even more so in the entertainment field because people are always watching you and i've seen how quick the cameras turn on entertainers so being professional is key to keeping a good name. A person that has a bad reputation almost often gets doors closed on them no matter how good they are or how good they were. Another experience that made this week well worth the wait was that while attending my first Yankee game ever, it was the bottom of the 8th inning it looked like Boston had the game they were winning by two runs i left the stadium made it home turned the game on and A-rod hit a home run to tie the game and immediately after him Thames hit a walk off homer to win the game in sharing this it shows that in life you maybe down but as long as you stay positive and keep striving for the best you never know how fast things will go in your favor.

Until next week.......... Remember STAY POSITIVE! -- www.twitter.com/rizselfmade