Robyn Hood's Giving Back Majorly On "Sweet 16"

Robyn Hood is the new wave. Hip-Hop backed by a community of bars, beats and a take-no-prisoners mentality.

(AllHipHop Music) Robyn Hood is here and the Philly native is taking no prisoners when it comes to this music. Now the emcee drops "Sweet 16" on the industry and rolls deep with a cadre of bars, beats and hooks. From the first song, it is apparent that Roybn Hood is not here to play. She spits, "Why I gotta be a b#tch when you know that I'm a soldier." On just about every song, Robyn blacks out on the beats presented to her. She has a penchant for hard rhymes, she makes it clear that its "flow" time and often flames Southern beats just for our reference.

The interesting thing is Robyn is a true Hip-Hop head with a Timberland boot in the hood and slipper in Hollywood. Over Future's "Mask Off," she says, "I'm a Philly kid out in Bel Aire, call me Robyn Banks, get my cash on" but also say "No mumble rap, no Casio." She is clear. The actress/Hip Hop previously dropped the “For Higher” EP back in 2016 to critical acclaim. The Yale School of Drama graduate is one of the leaders of a new charge. However, Donald Glover, she is not. No disrespect, whatsoever, but Robyn Hood generates a more traditional, grass roots brand of Northern Hip-Hop that will resonate with heads across the whole Rap Diaspora. All of those fancy words mean: listen up and be wary: Robyn Hood is dope.