Rubi Rose Is Hip-Hop's New "It" Girl; Drops New Single "Trickin"

Rubi Rose was featured in one of Hip-Hop's biggest videos and now she's launching her own rap career.

Rapper, model, and aspiring actress Rubi Rose is the undeniable combination of beauty, talent, and intelligence.

Her feature on Playboi Carti’s “On Top” premiered in September 2018 and reached over a million plays on Soundcloud before the year ended.

Fluent in four languages with a fiery personality and extraordinary Eritrean and Japanese features, she has quickly become Atlanta’s latest “It-girl” at only 21 years old.

Born in Kentucky and raised in Switzerland, Rubi came to Atlanta in her early-teens and connected with Atlanta’s diverse hip-hop culture in way that solidified it as her home and turned her into a staple of the city.

Rubi was featured as the lead girl in Migos’ “Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert” music video, which has over 700 million views, and was also the lead model in the Pink Dolphin campaigns.

When Rubi isn’t practicing or performing, she is focusing on making the best investments for not only herself, but her beloved Atlanta. She is a Georgia State University undergraduate honor student studying English with plans to one day attend law school.

Rubi is also an Atlanta property owner as well as a facilitator of a tastemaker event that brings the Who’s Who of young Atlanta and national influencers to Bombays of Atlanta.

The multi-faceted Rubi has developed a keen ear for music and a distinctive style that reflects her finger’s placement on the pulse of music and fashion not only in the Atlanta, but country-wide.

Her forthcoming single “Trickin” is set to be released at the top of this year.

With all of this only being the beginning, Rubi Rose is sure to have a unique, innovative, and unstoppable career that will make a lasting impact, especially with the backing of hip-hop mogul Jacob York.

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