Scarface Gets Goes In On Trump, Culture Vultures & More In New Song

Scarface is here again and he is not playing with racism. Check out the new song!

(AllHipHop Music) Scarface is back with another one and one of the pillars of gangsta rap is exercising his Freedom of Speech to the fullest. In a newly released song, the Houston veteran tackles systemic racism as well as pays homage to a classic song by Public Enemy. The video, which was directed from Dr. Teeth, traverses through the Civil Rights era until today with Donald Trump. The song is a scathing condemnation of racism and will be featured on the album Deeply Rooted: The Lost Files.

@Pointguard then I hope you tell the people to stop to whine about racism and BLM all the time. Cuz if its okay for you to segregate the people and be racist its okay for them too. And Drugs are available for everyone around the world not just for black people. nobody flooded your community with Drugs. You just got integrated into society, got your civil rights and therefore got access to drugs and guns like any other american citizen. What you do with does rights is your decision. Take responsilbility for your own f*ck ups ;)

DopeDough, I'm pretty sure there are plenty country music websites. GTFOH!! Really!

Nothing but love for the creativity of
a vet, better yet a legend like Scarface. Sticking to the script only hurts the vultures. Same ol infiltrators being nosey.

Man I'm from the H. 1st off Face not from Here but been repping here since the 80'S this is his home. 2nd off Pimp C got involved cause Lil troy opened his mouth about J. Prince. Reference song The Massacre. 3rd off Lil troy is a Snitch! Snitched on some of the dudes on his own label. When rapalot sent them boys out for him he went ducking lol. 50 I fuck with but he sure in hell didnt want anything with J.Prince or Rapalot cause he already know what it is from when he was working under Juvenile while he was doing his thing with rapalot! Face and Krino are the 2 names in Houston that sits @ the top. That is all!! Htown representer for real.

Southcidal, looks like thats all you have to say. Cant you come up with something productive?? "If you disagree with me then leave" ?! Kinda sound racist, doesnt it?? Why would I go to a Country Website? I like Rap but what I dont like is ignorance and racism and I see a lot here lately. Its really sad cuz thats not what Hip Hop is suppose to be about. Dont ruin Rap sad little boy