Sha Stimuli Drops A New Track, "The Wake Part 1"

AllHipHop Staff

“Lazarus”, the latest in a great catalog of music put out by Stimuli and officially his sophomore album, shows the talented artist on a level never seen in the past.

Sha Stimuli’s new track “The Wake Part 1” is out to let everyone know it’s time to wake up, as the release of his new album “Lazarus” is only a week away.

“Lazarus” is now available for pre-order through iTunes, Bandcamp, and Google Play prior to its official release on October 2nd.

Fans that pre-order “Lazarus” on iTunes and Bandcamp will also instantly receive a never-before-heard song off the album.

“The Wake Part 1” is produced by Redd Lettaz and recorded by Amond “AJ” Jackson and Rob Thomas for Salem Psalms LLC.

Not afraid to address important and controversial topics, the amount of substance in the album will unquestionably stand out amongst other releases.

As tumultuous and uncertain times continue to exist in the world, Sha provides a soundtrack for those that want to remain grateful yet continue to strive for greatness.

“Lazarus” production is handled by Redd Lettaz, Vanderslice & Green Steez, Black Metaphor, Nytroglic, Agor, Eddie Brock 661, and Lucki Handz with features by Redd Lettaz, MeLa Machinko, Apryl Williams, and Jennifer Myles.

The album was recorded and mixed by Amond “AJ” Jackson and Rob Thomas for Salem Psalms LLC., and mastered by Brian “Change” Penny.

“Lazarus” will be released through 10 Minutes Late Records LLC.