Shadow The Archangel- "Follow Da Beat"

AllHipHop Staff

Shadow The Archangel returns with his latest reggae hit.

(AllHipHop Music) Produced by Lionel Loop, Shadow The Archangel's latest reggae hit, "Follow Da Beat" follows our protagonist as he saves a kind-hearted Spanish woman from the rat race of life. 

Showing her a life of freedom, adventure and romance with a man of ambition, he hopes she will gain some clarity on the current men in her life.

Shadow The Archangel will be releasing an EP titled 'Espera: Fuego' in March 2020, with a discography that incorporates Reggae, Reggaeton, R&B and Hip Hop Fusion elements. 

Once a victim of the brutal foster care system, Shadow will also be donating 10% of his profit to Bread of Heaven Nashville Restoration Ministries, as they seek to raise funds to build a new men's home for recovering drug and alcohol addicts.

For many, the foster care system is a miserable cycle. An endless stream of homes until their 18th birthday can dampen anyone's spirits while building up hostility towards the world. This was Shadow's reality after a broken home in Boston ushered him into that cycle down in Atlanta. He spent his childhood upset with the world, anger brewing inside of him that many would have crumbled under. Music eventually helped him see the light, and he aims to continue inspiring others through his works.

Take a listen to "Follow Da Beat" below!

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