Shy Glizzy Teams With G Herbo For "Too Far"

D.C and Chicago rap come together as Shy Glizzy enlists G Herbo for his latest track Too Far. 

Produced by Goose, Shy Glizzy uses the thunderous beat to rap about his boss status.

“Ok I’m with a sexy bitch and she come straight from D.R/Living on that Sunday, bottles glow in the dark/My youngest underage, they don’t ask them for no card/Walking with that pocket rocket right in my sock/Gotta watch out for the bitches tryna show fake love/Bet you be liking Pixar all of the fake thugs/Watch out for them snitches tryna be cool in the club/How you talking bout all these drugs and you never met the plug now/They like what’s up jefe, I’m like little n—a who you?/I’m a big dog and you little n—as poodles/I done came too far, I’m in meetings with Lulu/I ain’t going back to eating oodles and noodles,” Shy Glizzy raps.

G Herbo gets on the track ready to prove that he is a valid contender in this rap game, despite his age. He talks on his upgrade from a life in the streets of the Windy City to nights enjoying lavish lobster dinners.

Does this mean Shy Glizzy is working on another project or was this just a loose track set free? Too early to tell but until then bump Too Far below.