Sir Hazzard & R.H.Y.S.' "Ain Average" Started From A DM

The power of social media lead these two rappers to showing the world that they are far from average!

(AllHipHop Music) The power of social media networking lead these two rappers to a nice collaboration! Here's the backstory behind their single "Ain Average."

Sir Hazzard was checking his Instagram inbox and stumbled across a message from a kid claiming to be a fan of his music. The kid was a musician as well with a desire to collaborate on a song. Reluctantly, Sir Hazzard went to check out the artist's music. After 2 minutes of hearing the kid's music on SoundCloud, Sir was instantly a fan.

The kid's name was R.H.Y.S

After a brief chat, the plan was to make a crazy collaborative record that would be a hit someday. Because of Sir's forthcoming album, that plan was put on the back burner.

Sir Hazzard had been listening to a particular beat and meditating on the lyrics for a few days.

He knew he had a song that would catch millions of ears. Then he thought of the kid from his Instagram inbox, R.H.Y.S.

Sir sent the song to him to see how he could add to the song. Sir said to R.H.Y.S,

"We are not the typical artists so let's make a hit in the most different way. Let's call the song, "Ain Average"."

In less than a few hours, Sir received an email with the complete song attachment from R.H.Y.S and couldn't believe his ears.

They didn't know what they had, they just knew they had something. They could pull off the impossible. Two SoundCloud rappers that had never met each other, making a hit record. Now, what's average about that???

Take a listen to "Ain Average" above.