Sixx John And B Dot The God "The Eight"

"Empire TV" show music writer Sixx John teams with battle rap phenom B Dot The God for "The Eight"

By: Tim Sanchez

Veteran West Coast artist and songwriter Sixx John has had a pretty successful low-key career in the hip-hop game having songs placed on soundtracks and writing alongside R&B star Ne-Yo for the TV show Empire.

The low-key part is about to end as he's out to showcase his talents to the masses and to start is a new song called "The Eight" which depicts the street life of the San Fernando Valley which many don't get to see or understand.

The Valley is the home of malls and movie studios certain parts of the area can be just as bad as the other places in Los Angeles that are known for it's gangs and drugs.

Rap battle phenom B Dot the God who has gone viral several times for his potent conscious-driven freestyles in the battle leagues, a product of the Valley himself, guest features on this track along with rising R&B group Jake & Papa.

In addition to writing music for TV shows, Sixx John is also helping new talent like B Dot and even guiding the new music career of veteran TV star Tisha Campbell.