Snow Tha Product "Today I Decided"

Snow Tha Product is back with a brand new single "Today I Decided."

Snow Tha Product has achieved what many artists coming into the rap game could only hope for…longevity.

Since dropping her first project Unorthodox in 2011, fast forward seven years later and she is a mainstay in the hip-hop world – selling out national tours, two successful merch lines, countless projects, and most importantly, a legion of loyal fans.

Snow has become a symbol of hard work, perseverance and raw talent. Her relatability goes beyond gender or ethnicity, Snow refuses to conform to societal expectations and stands up for issues that she believes in whether it’s women’s rights, immigration, or other political issues.

The track "Today I Decided" was released via her YouTube channel Woke TV and already amassed over 220k views in a litte over 72 hours.