Storm Showcases Skills On New Release From Up Coming Album "Where the rest at.."

The rapper with a masters degree is gearing up for another new album. Take a listen to the first single.

There’s no one else out there like Kevin Norman. Better known by his stage name STORM, the young Coatesville, Pennsylvania native gives an organic feel to the underground rap scene that so many believe is nonexistent today.

With countless people comparing his sound and style to J. Cole, some believe it would be hard to come from that very big shadow. He continues to show that he is up for the challenge with plans on being one of the greatest artists of his generation.

His fans love his hard-hitting punchlines blended with melodic hooks and A-list production. There is a feel that he gives off with his ambitious drive along with the charisma of a star that is unmatched. One of his biggest attributes is that he makes music real people can feel.

Working in education by day and music artist by night, he has shown that he’s almost impossible to pigeon hole. Storm takes pride in being nicknamed “the emcee with a master’s degree” knowing that it is very hard task to juggle both of these as well as taking care of his own two children.

The release of his first track, "10 out of 10 storm mix," from his upcoming project titled Where’s the rest… shows that even after six years, Storm is still giving the fans the music they want from him.

This latest released has been paired with visuals from different studio sessions involved in making the project. Some of these which include places such as: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, York (PA) and Martinsburg (WV).

This gives the listeners a very intimate feel, allowing them to capture moments of what it was like while the entire project was being made.

Where’s the rest… is scheduled to be released summer of 2019. Storm is setting up show dates for the summer as well to help with the roll out of the project.