Super Producer D-Dot Returns With Bangers On "Appreciate The Hate Volume 3"

D-Dot links with Mad Rapper, Riz Delux, Young Guru and more for a brand new project.

Legendary, Grammy nominated producer, artist and songwriter Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie has returned with a some music that most are comparing to heat seeking missiles.

Along with his alter ego, Mad Rapper, D-Dot is set to release his 4th studio album, "Appreciate The Hate - Vol. #3" in July 2019.

He released a early "snack pack" with four songs including the street anthem "Be Warned" featuring his long-time friend and musical partner, Tracey Lee. Produced by D-Dot & Riz Delux and mixed by the legendary engineer, Young Guru, "Be Warned" is gonna light the streets up.

D-Dot has also put his singing up front with the smash hit single "Nothin' Regular" produced by D-Dot himself and mixed by Fab's engineer, Steve Dickey.

Also in the "snack pack" is "Bounce" featuring the Mad Rapper - Produced by LT Moe and "Do It For Real" feat. Big Ooh and Wiz Gamb with production by Sean C & LV.

"Appreciate The Hate - Vol. #3" will surely light the whole summer on fire and let the world know D-Dot Angelettie is Top 5 Dead or Alive... #BrooklynStyle

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