TeeFlii Drops Annie R U O’tay 5


The Contemporary R&B singer, songwriter and producer, TeeFlii – who brought you radio hits “24 Hours” and “This D” — drops a serious reminder of why he’s one of the West Coast’s hottest artists, with the release of his highly anticipated new double album “Annie R U O’Tay 5.”

by Janeen Adams

 "TeeFlii Annie R U Otay 5"

The L.A. artist gets creative with his latest project “Annie R U O’Tay 5” with a creative cassette tape throwback touch featuring two sides: Side A is strictly all TeeFlii, and Side B spotlights the West Coast star teaming up with the likes of Glasses Malone, Keke Palmer, Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy and more.

“I’ve put a lot of hard work and dedication into this project. A lot of people weren’t around to help me on this project. No [DJ] Mustard, no YG…just ME,” notes the LA native. “It’s pretty much just me going ahead with what I believe. I want everyone to know how much this project means to me and how hard we worked. I mean, we started off creating this project in hotel rooms, ya feel me. It took a lot to get this project to where it is.”

The fifth installment of TeeFlii’s original “Annie R U O’Tay” series – which began with Vol. 1 in 2012, produced by DJ Mustard and the Futuristiks — showcases his unique vocals, raunchy lyrics, and true talent as an artist and a songwriter.

“I wanted to show the growth of TeeFlii on this new project and show that you don’t always have to have a feature to get your point across as an artist,” TeeFlii says. “My music is raunchy and straight to the point. I say things a lot of other singers think about singing, but they are too scared or shy to express. I give them hope to be able to say the things they actually want to say.”

Stream it here on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2jdu0v716hxwwQLvoKktFz?

Or download it here on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/annieruotay-5-what-happened/id1181985915?ls=1

 "Annie R U Otay 5"

Peep the Track Listing Below:

“ANNIE R U O’TAY 5” Track List
1 N tro

2 Fire & Desire

3 Bottom & The Top

4 Better

5 Dedicated

6 CeliNg

7 She My

8 4 The Gram

9 Away

10 Loud

11 MoNey Maker

12 Get It How You Live

13 Lerc’N

14 RouNd

15 Apologize

16 MillioN Miles

17 ThoNg

18 FiNe

19 Strange For Some Change (feat. Jellyroll & Dae Dae)

20 Thas Out (feat. Dom Kennedy & Kayess)

21 From Outta Town (feat. Casey Veggies)

22 Twerkin (feat. Fatbox)

23 It Is What It Is (feat. Alex Simone & Dap)

24 Pillow Talkin

25 Dirty (feat. Keke Palmer)

26 What’s Wrong

27 Explain It (feat. Glasses Malone)

28 Mind on a Million (feat. Newport & Kayess)

29 On Me (feat. Fatbox)

30 Do It Again (feat. Peso & SBA1)

31 You (feat. Showt33)

32 Go Deeper (feat. Queen Siraja)

33 Don’t Matter

34 Stay Down

35 If You Annie

36 Yours