Teen Rapper with Sophisticated Mentality

Embarking on imagination, rapper Aynjewl Faycc (Angel Face) "Gem of the Cloudz" was raised to believe in angels. This type of "IQ" gave way to intellectual enhancement that many children have been conditioned to shut out. Through her music, Faycc expresses her journey as a way to remind others of celestial wisdom with logical form. In 2007 the Street Light album was a complete recorded collection of key beliefs Faycc identifies with.

Today Aynjewl Faycc is 27 years old, but the messages are so prevalent she has remastered the recordings the best she could under her label I.Q. Productionz. Street Light is now available on iTunes and Spotify for a gold mine of coded philosophy released from a young, fresh 14-17 year-old's world.

The lyrics are what makes the content because the beats are all originally produced; mostly from the Fruity Loops program and some of them are pretty out there! In her song Streetlight, Faycc attempts to have drastic tempo changes- check it out to see if she pulls it off!