Texaco Marley Showcases His Relentless Drive On New Album "Out On Bond"

Texaco Marley was originally born in Columbus, Georgia. Notorious for being ”the Fountain City.”

Water is not the only thing streaming in Columbus, Texaco Marley can be found, heavily streamed on Spotify, and all musical platforms.

When asked how did he get his name, he stated ”Everyone gotta have gas, I’m the fuel that’s turning everything.”

Texaco's drive led him down the path of music. Starting at five years old, Texaco could be seen walking down the streets of eastside Columbus, with nothing but a walkman & willpower.

Growing up as a teen, he would bump 36mafia, Pastor Troy, T.I and all the down south rappers who were creating extraordinary classics.

Rap would become Texaco’s fix. He would say ”watching music being made in the studio, became therapeutic for me."

Which is why his debut album Out On Bond is known to boost endorphin levels.

Released in February 2019, the album combines laidback, hardcore, inflected verses, mixed with colorful hooks. Blended with new school unorthodox beats.

On the track ”Freaky Dancer” Texaco spits fire like a flamethrower, flowing over a beat that would make anyone leap, weave & wobble in the club.

The album features empowering anthems such as ”You Can't Stop Me” & ”Grinding.”

Tracks will inspire anyone to rise from nothing and achieve something.

Not the typical get rich or die trying rapper, Texaco wants to be the big brother to young brothers stuck in the game.

Rather than show his people how to flip birds, he wants to show his people, how create businesses, and give back to the community.

When asked what kind of message do you want to send to the people who look like you Texaco said: ”Sometimes the tunnel is dark, just stay positive, know who you are, keep applying someone will see the great in you , don’t always be discouraged when you don’t get the help you want.”

Out On Bond is currently available on all major streaming platforms.

The music is all brought to you by Big Block Entertainment. The same company that introduced the world to Boyz N Da Hood, Yung Joc, Rick Ross Jeezy, Ciara and Gorilla Zoe who all enjoyed top Billboard success.

Look for Big Block Entertainment to stay consistent with their ability to find talent & turn them into stars.

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