The Game Praises Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN’: This Album Is Dope As F-ck


By Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY) News.

(AllHipHop News) Back in 2011, The Game was among the West Coast Hip Hop legends to pass the torch to a Compton newcomer by the name of Kendrick Lamar.

Six years later, Kendrick has released three critically acclaimed major label albums including 2017’s DAMN.

Game took the time to continue to show love to his “The City” collaborator as an artist.

The California representative posted on Instagram:

From me to whoever THE F-CK is concerned…… this album is a DOPE AS F-CK blood !!! & it’s the Lil homie’s 3rd LP…. if you are a true fan of HIP HOP, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have @kendricklamar sh-t by now…… F-CK YOU, that’s on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids…. my lil n-gga raw as f-ck & it been that way…. Dot I’m proud of you blood, Top.. you know what it is wit OG CHUCK homie….. I studied the album & im proud of this sh-t my nigga !!! K-Dot, you know where we from & what it took for n-ggas like us to not only make it out the HUB alive but to achieve greatness on the same accord is nothing short of a blessing….. this sh-t got me beyond motivated.. glad REAL RAP still exist…. no disrespect to you sucka n-ggas… but f-ck y’all, you can’t rap & ya mama know you ain’t sh-t….. this COMPTON Sh-t ain’t never been for play… I brought @DrDre back to the hood & showed him what is was on Cedar Block….. “WESTSIDE STORY” coming soon……

While praising K. Dot’s latest project, Game reminded his 8 million followers he is working on his ninth studio LP titled Westside Story.

His previous body of work was 1992, released in 2016.

Game’s discography also includes The Documentary, Doctor’s Advocate, Jesus Piece, and other albums.