The Hoy Polloy - "Dangerous" ft. Jadakiss & Vina Love (DJ Kid Capri's Daughter)

Jadakiss joins Hip-Hop band Hoy Polloy with DJ Kid Capri's daughter Vina Love

Straight from Miami's 305, Hip Hop band Hoy Polloy has been making noise in 2019 and continues the momentum with their latest single aptly entitled "Dangerous." For this track the crew has recruited veteran Y.O. mic vet Jadakiss of D-Block/L.O.X. and daughter of legendary DJ Kid Capri Vina Love for the premiere single from their upcoming album Valkyrie due out later this year, which boasts appearances from the likes of Brooklyn rapper AZ and French R&B duo Les Nubians.

"We are one of the worlds only truly multi genre bands," says band's lead singer K Sos."The original album On the Way to Rome features at least four genre’s, while their 2015 EP Ferret Winter features three including a song in Spanish. Future albums compartmentalized the bands talent with their 2017 release “Bye Bye Bogota” being all rock and 2018’s “No Pressure” being all Hip Hop."