The Musical Journey of Haseeb Azizi

At 21, Haseeb Azizi is a rising star in the music industry who is known for his creative compositions.

Passion is something that no one should ever give up in life. It could be singing, dancing, writing, acting, painting, or whatever one feels happy doing. Such believers in chasing passion often become trailblazers in their chosen fields. Haseeb Azizi is one of those trailblazers. This young hip-hop artist is now making millions of fans groove to his music on social media. His music has something unique that instantly connects with his audience. 

A few years ago, 19-year-old Haseeb Azizi was one of the promising singers and lyricists of his college band “Captivated”. The young music enthusiasts were quite popular at concertsduring their college days. It was a means of fun and a source of income for young Azizi. Being a natural writer, he was chosen to pen a few songs that the band could perform. What started as a passion became the beginning of an explosive career in the music industry for Azizi. 

At 21, Haseeb Azizi is a rising star in the music industry who is known for his creative compositions. He has emerged as a new breed of rapper who chose to break free from traditional hip-hop. He created his own blend of hip-hop by infusing classical tunes with jazz. This unique fusion of hip-hop has electrifying energy and soul-soothing tones that connect to the audience.

The lyrics composed by Haseeb Azizi have also set him apart from other contemporary hip-hop rappers. He speaks of the struggles of the younger generation and the competitive environment that constantly challenges them. He motivates youth to overcome all challenges to follow their dreams. The main theme of all his compositions is the unyielding spirit of Gen Z. 

Haseeb Azizi pours his heart and soul into each of his compositions. This is why he connects with his fans. The lyrics are so relatable to every youth that his music acts as soul-soother for troubled hearts. Haseeb Azizi also encourages the younger generation through his music to follow their passion no matter what comes their way. He loves to express realism to his fans rather than creating a fairy tale bubble.

The fiery lyrics of Haseeb Azizi are a reflection of his own life. Being raised by a single mother, Azizi saw the real face of struggle early in his life. He knew that his family depended on him when he finally chose a career but he also wanted to live his dreams. The reality was that he needed to help support his family financially after college. He was all set to trade his passion for a full time office job until his friends in the band “Captivated” motivated him to chase his passion. He used this motivation to write the lyrics for his debut album. 

Soon he began to upload his songs on different social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram and within a few days, some of them went viral. For someone like Azizi, this was a huge encouragement to convert his passion into a profession. He chose the digital media to showcase his skills and impress his fans. His hard work accompanied by his natural talent presents something new and unique to the fans every time he releases a song.