The New Skool Rules "Anthem" Is Set To Jump Off The International Conference


New Skool Rules Is Back! The anthem for the festival is a hot new track.


(AllHipHop Music) New Skool Rules is organized by the Epitome Entertainment foundation and each year they organize an artist Exchange program connected to the conference and festival. This year’s 6th edition of the Exchange program consisted of four rounds of auditions and resulted in the selection of six talented artists: one producer, four singers, and one rapper. The winning artists had the opportunity to work with industry experts while writing, producing, and recording the New Skool Rules anthem I Still, which will be performed at the opening of New Skool Rules 2018 on Friday, May 18th at 17.30 hrs.

Working with this year’s talented and diverse group of Exchange winners was Prynce Tha Writer, an Atlanta,

Georgia-based songwriter and engineer, and Troy Taylor, Grammy-award winning songwriter and producer, who co-created the beat with Simon Kempner and coached the team through the process.

The impressive group of artists chosen to participate includes:

- Sam Ouwehand: A producer and writer from Delft, Sam finds his creative calling in multilayered productions. He worked hard with the group to craft the sounds and story you’ll hear in “I Still”.

- Bernice Christine: A Dutch singer with a light, breezy vibe and a jazzy edge that’s well-suited to the pop music she creates, Bernice has a poetic songwriting voice and brings a bright energy to her music and to the anthem.

- FABZ Pi: Hailing from Ethiopia, FABZ Pi developed his deep love for music after moving to the Netherlands at age 16. He has been very active in the Rotterdam music scene with multiple, cross-discipline collectives while working on his own, energetic mix of old- and new-school rap.

- Angel D’Amor: Born in Portugal to Cape Verdean parents, Angel immigrated to the Netherlands at a young age to grow up in Rotterdam. With Angel, Cape Verdean world music, pop and soul come together in multiple languages and emotional performances.

- Pim Bossink: A singer-songwriter from the south of the Netherlands, Pim usually makes pop music with an R&B edge. Now living in Rotterdam and studying at Codarts, he is focusing on honing his skills, especially with more commercial pop music.

- Dasilvian Bruce: Amsterdam-based Dasilvian mixes multiple genres to arrive at a particular sound and voice all his own. A strong believer in the power of music and musicians as role models, he strives to positively touch others with his own work.

New Skool Rules is a 3-day international Urban Music Conference/Festival, based in the Netherlands. During the 6th edition from May 18-May 20th 2018, more than 150 acts will be performing at the festival from 25+ different countries. The conference will feature panels, workshops, masterclasses, demo listening sessions, writingcamps and will give delegates the chance to share and gain knowledge, network, do business and of course have fun. For more information on New Skool Rules please check out the website