THE ONLY V-DAY SONG YOU NEED: Listen to "143" from Oakland's Jane Handcock

This talented singer/songwriter knows what real love is...

Jane Handcock is a young singer from Oakland who is wise beyond her years, and as she's explored the themes of love and growth throughout her albums and mixtapes (with the help of mentor and collaborator Raphael Saadiq) her perspective has evolved more and more. On her newest release "OneFourThree (143)" Jane's lyrical prowess and vulnerable vocal style is layered over guitar riffs that create the dreamiest of vibes. And not only did Jane write the song and sing it, SHE WAS THE GUITAR PLAYER TOO.

I'm young but I've been hurt before/ I know you've been waiting a long time/ Me too, me too/ If you keep it real/ then I will promise you/ I'll be waiting here/ Whatever we go through

Listen to "OneFourThree" here and catch ALL THE FEELS this Valentine's Day.