Trapperman Dale - 'Dale Chapo' Ft. Don Trip, Starlito & Mobsquard Nard

Trapperman Dale could be the next big thing out of Tennessee! Check his new tape featuring Starlito, Don Trip and more!

As Trapperman Dale nears one-hundred thousand Spotify monthly listeners, this Nashville rapper could be the next big thing from Tennessee. Following up his critically acclaimed mixtape Trapstar alongside Tennessee legend Starlito, Dale returns with a new project titled Dale Chapo.

Executing a staccato flow while vividly painting a picture of his everyday life and hustle, the new project features southern rappers Don Trip and the aforementioned Starlito, as well as his fellow Grind Hard artists Tha Landlord and Mobsquard Nard. Newly anointed RIAA Gold producer Bandplay supplies most of the tape's production and gives Dale the ideal canvas for his country flow. Check it out below!:

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Dale Chapo ? Come on cuh naming yourself after a Hispanic drug lord and you ain't even Hispanic? Lmao these clowns cuh. FOH man.