"True Blood's" Nelsan Ellis a.k.a. Lafayette Goes Hip-Hop, Does Spoken Word On Malachi's New Single

AllHipHop Staff

Nelsan Ellis is no one trick pony. The rising star, who flawlessly captures the essence of Bon Temps Queen Bee, Lafayette, on HBO's epic "True Blood" series, also has a passion for the spoken word. Ellis makes his debut on up and coming rapper Malachi's mixtape with a flow reminiscent of the spirit of the Last Poets.


Newcomer Malachi's new single, "New World" (Part II The Schizo Speaks), which also features newbie Carlos Ricketts, Jr., talks about changing our mindsets, and how we all need to look for a "New World" a new state of mind.

The song has a throwback B-Boy '80s dance feel to it, with a dramatic monologue at the end recited by Nelsan Ellis, in which he channels a schizophrenic, homeless man who shares his views on what the world needs. Dramatic...but hey, they're artists - what can I say? LOL!

Check out the track below and post your thoughts:

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Nelsan's Lyrics:

I stand in the midst of perception and reality...

Twisted elegance awaits me at the corner...at the street
I am the beat
that never sleeps
I am the heart that gets skipped over by dirty feet on hot concrete
my cardboard box tells a story
Ive seen break beats persecuted by police
Ive seen rain, acid rain fall down to eat

ocean waves roar with anger
washing up missing strangers
I call little baby savior in a manger
I am right every-time
I give oxygen to your mind
I am the treasure that you can you can always find

Open up your eyes
demise only flourishes with lies
there is hope with compromise
let little children rise
and dance shadows in permission skies

let ego lay down in submission
for your only mission
should be admission
into a new institution of solutions

let atomic bombs cause no harm
let oil spills be sealed
let wall street feed the streets
let bullying cease
let equality be for all peeps



Source: Carlton Jordan