Tyler, The Creator - Igor (Album Stream)

Tyler is asking his fans to give their "full attention" to his new album with out any "distractions"

Los Angeles based rapper Tyler, The Creator has dropped his new album Igor, following up his critically acclaimed Flower Boy project. According to the album art, all songs were written, produced and arranged by Tyler who had a special message for fans gearing up to listen to the album. Tweeting the following message below, Tyler told fans this album would not be like any of his others.

“Igor. This is not Bastard. This is not Goblin. This is not Wolf. This is not Cherry Bomb. This is not Flower Boy. This is Igor. Pronounced EEE-GORE. Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. Don’t go into this expecting any album. Just go. Jump into it. I believe the first listen works best all the way through, no skips. Front to back. No distractions either. No checking your phone no watching tv no holding convo, full attn towards the sounds where you can form your own opinion and feelings towards the album." He advises you to chill, go on a drive, go on a walk...whatever you need to do to "fully indulge." 

Press play above!: