VEVO Releases Garrett Zoukis' Cinematic Visual For 'Outa My Mind'

Outa My Mind - Garrett Zoukis

After connecting with Grammy Award Winner Pete Novak, DMV native Garrett Zoukis taps VEVO for his latest release.

After tapping Grammy Award winning engineer, Pete Novak, to master his sound, DMV rapper, Garrett Zoukis releases his clip for Outa My Mind. With direction from DJ FAM x NDP, the video opens with a panoramic shot of a seemingly serene environment before the incoming drone pan exposes Zoukis restrained and silenced with a straight jacket and mouth covered with duct tape. Society often puts shackles on the minds of creatives in an attempt to marginalize people who stray from the traditional path and pioneer a lane of their own and this video is an ode to his struggles and the obstacles he has overcome. Very vocal about his penchant for the styles of other artists, the influences of Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye are exuded through his works both sonically and creatively.

Leaving the "American Dream" of being a division 1 athlete behind to pursue music, some may come to the conclusion that Zoukis is out of his mind. Regardless of your opinion on what career is more promising, the numbers from his most recent viral records (Vent and Outa My Mind) don't lie and he is following this momentum with a December 4th release date of his debut album, EUNOIA. Dynamic bars accentuated with energetic pop and hip-hop beats are what we have come to expect from Zoukis so the upcoming project is sure to be a highlight in his expansive portfolio.