Watch Deniro Farrar's New Video "Stuck For The Bag"

The Leader of CultRap is back with new vibes from his project Re Up out now on all streaming platforms.

Deniro Farrar has been telling the ghetto gospel and has no plans on slowing down.

In a current hip-hop climate over populated by glorifying drug addicts. pop a pill here sip some lean there, Deniro is focused on bring it the attention back around to the Hustler not the Fiend. Farrar touches on how to make profit off of work in songs like "Bout My Business" and also sheds light on the negative parts of the game "Homicide" and "Ran Off."

A well balanced audio description to the hustlers manual this project is sure to motivate the hustlers sprit off first listen.

This year alone, Farrar is releasing three independent projects along with plenty of videos. Not only is he working on new music, Farrar also shot his first ever movie roll in the independent film titled Little Brother, while also focusing on launching his health and fitness brand CultFit.

"I'm here to take what the industry owes me" - Deniro Farrar

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This is a different sound for him. I like the darker Farrar, but I am here for this too.