Watch Now: ATL Rapper Toon Gets His Revenge in Scarface-Inspired "Only" Video

A snake in the squad finds out the hard way that Toon doesn't play...

When infectious track “Only” dropped from Atlanta's Toon, the hook quickly became everyone's new mantra: You ain’t the only n***a gettin money/ You ain’t the only n***a selling drugs/ You ain’t the only n***a know the gangstas/ You ain’t the only n***a know the plug! Now in the video for “Only” that premiered last week on WorldStarHipHop, Toon gets revenge on a fake friend much like the story line from classic movie Scarface. As a man in a Maserati pulls up at the gas station, Toon finds a $100 bill and returns it to a powerful character with a suited bodyguard. Similar to the legendary Tony Montana, Toon cancels a snitch in his squad--- and spends the rest of the night flexing with some baddies inside a mansion! Toon is making it known that anyone plotting against him will get what’s coming!