Watch The Higher Brothers Do There Own Stunts In Video "Top" With Soulja Boy

AllHipHop Staff

The Chinese rap stars linked with one of the U.S.' biggest rap stars - Soulja Boy.

Chinese rap stars, Higher Brothers, team up with Soulja Boy in the explosive music video for "Top," a standout single from their recently released sophomore album, Five Stars.

Directed by mamesjao, the blockbuster video transports Higher Brothers into a video game world where they are strapped up with futuristic weapons and sent on a mission to fight their way to the top.

Higher Brothers performed all of the highflying stunts themselves and the video features a cameo from the one and only "Big Draco" a.k.a. Soulja Boy.

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''one of the U.S.' biggest rap stars - Soulja Boy.'' - REALLY? You have the courage as a ''hip hop journalist'' to call Soulja Boy, a washed out one hit dude, who made that hit over 10 years ago, one of biggest rap stars?