Watch The Higher Brothers New Video "Open It Up" Ahead Of Their Sophomore LP

The Chinese rap group is preparing their highly anticipated solo album "Five Stars."

Higher Brothers —the first Chinese rappers to break into the American mainstream— are releasing their sophomore album, Five Stars, on February 22, 2019.

Poised to be the biggest Chinese hip-hop album in history, Five Stars represents China, top-quality and global-internet culture.

The group just dropped their newest single and video, “Open It Up," a phrase that they first discovered during Rolling Loud Bay Area last year.

Higher Brothers’ flip of the phrase and use of a classic boom-bap beat is a nod to hip-hop history and harkens the globalization of the genre.

Shot in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where the group took over the block with a celebratory parade complete with lion dancers, the “Open It Up” video exemplifies Higher Brothers ability to incorporate western influences into their music while keeping their own culture and influences at the forefront.

Watch the mamesjao-directed video for “Open It Up.”

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bro why TF is this a story? first off im willing to say 95% of your readers dont know this group. second they are rapping in their native tongue. there are 200 individual dialects in china...i dont know what you were going for but imma need you to relax with this BS.