Wes Roby- "Flavor"


Wes Roby has been making waves on the scene for a little while now. The second eldest of 5 boys, Roby and his brothers were raised by their single mother in the oldest black town in America; Eatonville, FL, just north of Orlando. He started making music in 2003. The Hip Hop artist, who happens to ghostwrite and produce for others stated,

"Music is my first true love, passion and dream. My vision is to be myself to the maximum. Everyone wants to be different but very few people are truly being themselves. Fun, happiness, love, pain and telling the story of Wes Roby has always been my goal with music. I live by the philosophy that your passion is that thing you would do even if you didn't get paid for it. Life is about finding that thing and becoming successful at it."

Wes has a new single "Flavor"! Flavor was born as a concept about having confidence in a person's individuality. Flavor is not limited to any age, ethnicity or culture but a personal confidence in genuinely being who you are. Take a listen to the single below.

AHH caught up with Wes to discuss his new record and much more. Check it out below!

Describe your sound.

My sound is an ever changing shape shifting, always evolving sound with his hands on his n*ts lol, I will always find something new to add or do to make it new and different. I wanna push the envelope as far as I can and still be me at the same time.

Take us back to where you are from, and tell us about your upbringing. How has this influenced your music?

I was born in Los Angeles, Ca but moved to Orlando, fl at the age of three years old. We moved to a little town called Eatonville (the oldest black town in america) where most of my childhood friends are now the neighborhood dope boy. You can't help who you grow up around ya know, but they all knew I was always into different things like the music everybody was on back then was Pac, Biggie, Luke, and No limit, and there I was telling these n*ggas OutKast was the best. So me going against the grain is something that I not only live by but preach to others, and its def what I took from my upbringing.

What was the inspiration behind your track Flavor? What's your definition of flavor?

Flavor was a record I made for everyone who is their own person, the people who aren't afraid to be themselves and wear it everyday. The song was meant to be a theme song for people who have their own style. Flavor is the style in which you feel most comfortable... whoever you are that's your flavor.

You seem to make genre bending music. Was that your goal to be able to cross over to many different genres and audiences?


Yeah man the goal has always been to reach as many people as I can, I have always done experimental music. It's just now there is a real lane for it. I just love to be creative and push the limit as much as possible. I feel like there is an untapped market out there, and I'm bout to tap that thang feel me lol. I grew up on OutKast, so naturally my ear is different I don't want to exclude anyone.

You've actually written and produced for a few artists in the game. For those who are just becoming familiar with your movement, drop some of those names for us.

I've produced for a few artists and really just getting into the writing for other artists thing. I feel like having a friend like Kevin Cossom show me the ropes really helped me master the craft of writing hits. He has written many hits and been in the music business for a long time working. So just being around, I really soak up as much as I can from him. I am really looking forward to working with different artists from all genres. Music is universal ya know.

What's next for you? What other endeavors are you working on outside of music?

Next for me is continuing to push my new single "AllNighter" out now on all major outlets Itunes, Amazon, Cdbaby ect. Im gonna keep you guessing man; I got a lot of big things coming up man a lot of big things.