Westside Gunn - "Hitler Wears Hermes 3"


In light of his recent success, Westside furthers his rise with the final installment of his mixtape trilogy "Hitler Wears Hermes 3". Packed with raw loops, grimy lyricism, and back block narratives, the Buffalo NY emcee serves up a modern day cult classic with features from Sean Price, Skyzoo, Du Rag Dynasty, Vast Aire (of Cannibal OX), frequent collaborator and fellow GXFR Conway (recently heard on their buzz single "They Killed Pookie", produced by V Don) and more. #HWH3 restores the essence of 1998 New York all over again, just in time for today's climate.

1) Einfuhrung
2) Flyy (feat. Keisha Plum) (prod. by Daringer)
3) Gourmet (skit)
4) Dear Winter/Bloody Fiegs (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
5) Freestyle In Ferragamo (feat. Chase Deniro) (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
6) FUKK (Stan Smiths) (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
7) Bon Jovi (feat. B.E.N.N.Y) (prod. by Tha God Fahim/O.G. Sole)
8) Kingpin Talk
9) Rolack's (feat. Skyzoo) (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
10) Raisen Bagel (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
11) Oil Base (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
12) Basquiat Talk
13) Project Nigguhs (feat. Du Rag & Hus Kingpin) (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
14) Piles Of Money (skit)
15) John Starks (feat. Conway) (prod. by Camoflauge Monk & Daringer)
16) Rixh Lord Poor Lord (feat. Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox) *BONUS* (prod. by Daringer)
17) Blvk Tar (feat. Sean Price) *BONUS* (prod. by Daringer)