Westside Tut - "How I'm Leaving" Ft. OMB Peezy


Westside Tut links with OMB Peezy of 300 Ent and E-40's Sick Widdit Records

Bay Area bred rapper Westside Tut drops a bomb on us with his new track, "How I'm Leaving." You might not know Tut's story because he's a new talent, but after losing his brother to gun violence Tut almost did the unthinkable and retaliated against the world. But despite the tragedy and amidst the birth of his new son, Tut put it all on the line and pushed even harder for his rap career. This song tells the whole story of his struggle to find a better path. Tune in and follow Westside Tut ASAP - he's got one of the realest stories in rap right now.