WestsideGunn and DOOM Join Forces On “Gorilla Monsoon”


WestsideDoom stands to be a sneak attack on the game in 2017. Listen to their first song.

(AllHipHop Music) WestsideDoom is here and it is dope as advertised. The duo, comprised of WestsideGunn and MF Doom, was recently announced and they have revealed their first song. “Gorilla Monsoon.” The song offers a menacing, driving, plotting beat compliments of Darrnger.

The Griselda Crew have consistently given Hip-Hop fanatics their fill of unapologetically hardcore rap music with a decidedly East Coast slant. Complainers beware: if you are not on it, much of your argument is dismantled her. Gunn and Doom sound good together. “Gorilla Monsoon” represents something else. New York specifically and the East Coast in general has been known to be competitive to a fault. It has been so competitive that Kings and Gods literally destroyed each other in the 90’s. We are now seeing the newer generation collaborate with each other and those from that particular era.

WestsideDoom represents a dope intersection that all that profess to love Hip-Hop can get down with. Salute.


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@JDD yeah - definitely has that underground, slow, muddy vibe


Damn this sound like something off Redman 2nd album.