Who Are The Top Rappers Of The 21st Century?

One of the oldest discussions in Hip-Hop is quite simply “Who Is The Best?” BET has taken that discussion and put it in a new special with a twist.

“Who Are The Top Rappers Of The 21st Century?” is a new program by the network that presents a roundtable of DJ’s, artists, tastemakers and Hip-Hop heads to craft the list. Nobody that released a solo album prior to 1999 was allowed as a contender in the construction of this list.

BET’s “Top 10 Rappers”

is the definitive hip-hop countdown by the ground-breaking network that

gave love to hip-hop before anyone else dared.

BET threw open nominations to BET digital followers, industry bloggers

and other social influencers (our “Grand Jury”). More than 25,000 votes

later, they returned a Top 15 list of rappers for consideration. Now,

our “Hip-Hop Supreme Court” is convening to vote on the final Top Ten,

based on a rapper’s: flow, lyrics, subject matter, cultural impact,

dough, and as needed in the arsenal of a 21st Century rapper –digital

skills (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, their own website, etc.).

The Court represents all of the regions of the country, and consists of

nine select industry insiders – many of whom were raised on hip-hop: Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL); Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (AllHipHop.com); Boy 1da (Producer);DJ Diamond Kuts (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia); DJ Greg Street (V103 – ATL); Tony Neal (CEO, Core DJs); DJ Timbuck2 (107.5 WGCI – Chicago); Chloe Hilliard (Managing Editor/Social Media Manager, Vibe Magazine – NYC); and DJ Vlad (VladTV.com – NYC).

In their technologically tricked-out courtroom, the Court is led by the Justice – Big Tigger,

who takes them through the debates and discussions about each of their

own Top 10 rankings. Live votes allow Court members to sway each others’

minds about their original Top 10 Lists with each countdown position!

Who will be the #1 Top Rapper of the 21st Century? Lil Wayne, Kanye

West, 50 Cent, Eminem, T.I. or an unexpected challenger on who takes the

crown with a surprise Court decision? On Friday, October 15, 2010 from

8-9 pm, BET’s “Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century” delivers the final vote!!!

See below for a video preview of the show.

“Who Are The Top Rappers Of The 21st Century?” premieres October 15, 8-9p Eastern/ 7-8p Central