XP & IceRocks - 'Nomads'


XP and IceRocks got some classic Hip-Hop sounds!

Nomads is a powerful statement from the duo of LA rapper XP and Queens, NY producer IceRocks, in the form of a timeless project. The slick, sharp lyricism captures the essence of XP’s ascension as an artist, as he’s making his proper debut with this project after years spent performing and dropping smaller releases. With 15 tracks to flaunt their talents, the duo wastes no time getting right to it with opening banger “Rain Dance.” As church organs and huge drums fill the background, XP spits rewind-worthy lines like, “I’m praying to God I can enjoy it before he take me/ I’m-a keep, laying this jewelry down on breakbeats/ I make feats.” 

In addition to religion, you also get bits of XP’s life as a Mexican-American man, his struggles, and the ups and downs of being a single father. Those stories permeate through the many standouts on Nomads, including the Wu-reminiscent “Shrunken Heads (feat. Supreme Cerebral),” the soulful and celebratory “YGB,” and the cinematic closing raps of “Open Doors (feat. Roc Marciano).”