Yungeen Ace Explains How He Made “2X Screamin” Video Tribute To Late Brother

AllHipHop Staff

Yungeen Ace talks about his new video for “2X Screamin."

Yungeen Ace’s new video for “2X Screamin” is a standout track from Ace's latest project, Life I'm Livin which came out on December 14th, the follow up to his debut album in August, Life of Betrayal.

The track is a tribute to his late brother Tre'Von Quan Quan "2X" Bullard and was produced by DeeMarc, who delivers an appropriately subdued instrumental.

"2X Screamin" finds Ace rhyming from 2X's perspective as he looks down from heaven on his younger brother's skyrocketing career, while the video itself features documentary footage from Ace's life between the shooting last June and the time of his release from jail on the 5th of January, including footage of his release.

"While I was sitting down, I really got time to think about my next move. I wasn’t supposed to survive what I been through but I know I’m here for a reason," Yungeen Ace told AllHipHop.

2018 was trying year for Yungeen Ace to say the least, but he made it through and he’s stronger and more motivated than ever. 2019 is already shaping up to be a breakout year for him, with all his legal issues behind him, new music and a mini doc on the way, there’s a lot to look forward to this year.